Dawei Beaches Camping Update. 17.2.16

Stephen’s Guide to Myanmar’s Best Beaches. Additional info. 17.2.2016 

On the morning of 14th February and again that evening men saying they were Police and Immigration were in Nyau Pyin. 

They told campers on Po Po Kyauk beach that they could not continue to camp there, that they should only be sleeping in the bungalows at San Sa Aw Paradise Beach*. They were waiting at Moe The Zin Restaurant where I was asked for my passport details (“No problem” they said). 

The following evening they returned to Po Po Kyauk to warn off newly arrived beach campers. The bungalows at San Sa Aw (and Sin Htauk?) are now having to report any campers on their beach to Immigration. 

If despite this you’re still thinking of camping – I’m definitely not encouraging you to, it’s your call – there is more reason than ever to be discrete about it. Don’t go showing your tent to a guesthouse owner in Dawei. Don’t be lighting fires for the sake of it. Choose sensibly where you camp and when to set up camp. Stay away from ‘downtown’ Nyau Pyin (there are two ways into the village, find the 2nd one).

If you do get into any trouble with Police or Immigration good luck.

* The bungalows being fully booked is one of the reasons people are camping and stopping people camping makes it even harder to get into a bungalow. Smart.

On the upside I went to another great beach .. watch this space.